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Vancouver 2015 Video

Vancouver 2015 by Clarky


Tommy C, Marv, Clarky, Shaun Hadlington & Wozzy


Bard Hill, Colin Fried, Orlando & Hango

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Mini melt down

octopus done vimeo

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Bigger than the eye


The Count jumping one for Newrick’s new video. Pic by Tom Kilcoyne.

Oppy man

marv oppo 5050 vgh

Have u seen him? Marv pic by Orlando. Vancouver. Video out next week!

The Feeb


The Count pic by Tom Kilcoyne



We bumped into Colin Fried a couple of times around Vancouver. Cool dude and super sick rider! Here he lofts a table at Leeside while it pisses down outside. Pic by Marv.


shaun footjam dumpyspir

Shaun Hadlington Vancouver pic by Orlando


marv light pool west van

Marv in Canada pic by Orlando

Shaun’s first pool

shaun carve pool pm

pic by Orlando