What do you do for a living? send rails, send beers, feel titties, part time chef, part time grafter, parts designer…!!!!!!!!!

Best trip you have been on? tenerifa in January, beer sun and spots

Wildest trip you have been on? lambrini jam number 1 in Leeds when i was like 15ish, if you were there you’ll know why!!!!!!

Harshest trip you have been on? weekend camping in Scotland a few month back, bitten to fuck off a black abyss of midges and had to put up with the combined roar of the roops and Ricky snorting!

Videos/DVDs you have been in?

buffzine vhs
amateur porno
dry spell
Charley don’t surf
for those about to peg
the make 3
jims new vid dropping this year (eyes open fuckers)

Dream trip destination? playboy mansion

Nightmare trip destination? a skatepark

Ideal spot? queens bank Newcastle if it was still there

What ideally would you have to eat and drink at a BBQ? rum and white Russians to drink and a hole loada pussy to eat

Favorite Music (Bands, groups, solo whatever)? thrash and punk. only living witness, gama bomb, the waste, vitamin x, cro-mags, misfits, slapshot, bad brains etc etc etc

You have to murder one person and try and get away with it. How you going to do it?

how i usually do it i suppose:
1. hit on head with rear right peg
2. drink the blood
3. chew up the skin and pound it
4. make a stock out of the insides then drink it using skull as a cup
5. turn the boones into pegs and grind that shit
6. no evidence, job done, in a bit