What do you do for a living? i work with wood

Best trip you have been on? barcelona 2007

Wildest trip you have been on? kuala lumpur

Harshest trip you have been on? kuala lumpur

Videos/DVDs you have been in? the make – rain dogs

Dream trip destination? anywhere really but i wouldn’t mind Australia and America

Nightmare trip destination? anywhere life threatening

Ideal spot? a good bank to sub or wallride or cooky tight tranny

What ideally would you have to eat and drink at a BBQ? steak burgers from Tesco and cans of carlsberg export

Favorite Music (Bands, groups, solo whatever)? pretty much any old rock and metal with a bit of rap mixed in there

You have to murder one person and try and get away with it. How you going to do it? stab them in the armpit so you hit the artery then run off hoping they cant get to a hospital in time and go live in Spain