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The Feeb


The Count pic by Tom Kilcoyne


36 Chambers Bonus Chamber

A year on we have finally come to the realisation that Return to the 36th Chamber is never going to come out on DVD so here are the behind the scenes that would have been on the disc. Thanks to everyone who put in mad work on this film, especially Clarky who put the whole thing together!

Our 2015 video from Vancouver, Canada has already been filmed and should be out in a month or so…

Legs 11


Not used to being overshadowed in the leg department Cookie shows off his other talent! Pic by Wozzy

Cookie didler

Nice one Dchum

Cookie alive and well in South Shields


Tuck gap pick by Jim Newrick

Chengdu: Cookie pegs


pic by Wozzy

Cookie Wearside. Winter 14/15.

A selection of bumps, banks and blips filmed by Dchum (@unknownparasites) whilst living back in my hometown of Sunderland.

No Indoor training facilities or motorised spot finding vehicles were used during this production.

Sunderland wards covered: Doxford, Silksworth, Ryhope, Hendon, St. Chads, Sandhill, Houghton, Copt Hill, Shiney Row, St. Michaels, Barnes, St. Annes, Pallion, Millfield, Castle, Redhill, Southwick, Fulwell, St. Peters, Washington East/Central/South.

10th April 2015 – Cookie