What do you do for a living? Beer Technician at the Tanners Bar

Best trip you have been on? Gay Dads on Tour. Berlin Summer 09. Camping. Close Friends. BBQ for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Techno. Pegs.

Wildest trip you have been on? Team 2 Street. Plotterdam, Netherlands. Made it to the ferry port after spending the previous evening on the run from the authorities. Sailed to Holland. Kipped rough. Did a few grinds. Sampled the local fungal delicacies. Proceeded to lose the plot.

Harshest trip you have been on? NSF Euro Mooch. Getting H-man to help me change my Granuflex pads each day to remove the rotten flesh from a gaping wound below my left armpit. Couldn’t ride the entire trip due to being lacerated by a fence a few weeks prior to leaving. Could easily fall into best trip category though.

Videos/DVDs you have been in? Zero tolerance VHS, NSF2 VHS, RTRBTN The Secret, Regions, Voices, NSF 3 Day in Day out, DFTU Mixellaneous, Shook Uk, The Make Cut the Crap, Tomorrow We Work, Dry spell, For those about to peg, Charlie Don’t Surf, TEAM TOO STREET THE VID, Grey Haven.

Dream trip destination? NYC street/Tokyo Street. Anywhere Warm.

Nightmare trip destination? The New Wasteland in Winter.

Ideal spot? Downhill Handrail, Ledge, Hip and Wall ride slalom. Lemon pop shop at the top, strong Belgian Lager shop at the bottom. Tunes from speakers not headphones. Fresh Graff. Warm.

What ideally would you have to eat and drink at a BBQ? Halloumi Cheese, pepper and sweet potato skewered on a twig and seasoned with jerk. A wide selection of Belgian lagers and fruit beers.

Favorite Music (Bands, groups, solo whatever)? Electronic. Rex the Dog. Aphex. Legowelt. Alek Stark. ClickBox. Anything with arpeggiated riffs from an analogue synth and funked up beats from Roland drum machines.

You have to murder one person and try and get away with it. How you going to do it? Casually drink them under the table.