What do you do for a living? I build machines for hospitals, its as boring as it sounds.
Best trip you have been on? Philly and NYC combo trip 2013 was mint, met Stricker and Puleo in the same week.
Wildest trip you have been on? Euro train trip for a month in 2008 with Gaz, Tommy, Will and a load of skaters. Had its ups and downs ,shady hostels, James Bond sleeper trains, Parisian La Haine police beatdown, Marseilles scally moped spine jump, endless bike troubles, not enough clothes.
Harshest trip you have been on? Prague in 2005, communal showering and cameras got taxed.
Videos/DVDs you have been in? A number of cheeky monkey blockbusters, Ride Cassette doing an indian giver, the critically acclaimed Attention Stalybridge, The Wythenshawe Waltz, B-Team Grindhogday, Strangeways vol 1 and 2, Grey Haven, Super Monaco, Urban Mist, Animal Price is wrong, QSS 6, Skapegoat 9 and 10 (life highlight).
Dream trip destination? Japan
Nightmare trip destination? Anywhere that requires injections, I’m  from the first world.
Ideal spot? Objects that have been hit by cars fascinate me.
What ideally would you have to eat and drink at a BBQ? Got the shits from the last BBQ I went to, I’d go for a curry and meet you after.
Favorite Music (Bands, groups, solo whatever)? Gary Grice
You have to murder one person and try and get away with it. How you going to do it? A Robocop inspired acid plunge to mow down, or more realistically an aggy stab to the groin and then get arrested.