What do you do for a living? Potent Tantric Lover. Gypsy Man. I’m one of Stewed Dorkin’s special children.

Best trip you have been on? The Great Chinese Duck Baby Tour 2009(8?)

Wildest trip you have been on? The one I’m on now has been getting pretty far out.

Harshest trip you have been on? Chinese New Year 2013, Sai Gon to Nha Trang. You would have been proud of me Spreadbury, the conditions where harsh but I got dug in deep and stuck it out till the end. Not everybody came home from that one. Harsh times.

Dream trip destination? Tokyo/NYC/That place in Total Recall where the woman has three tits and there’s loads of midgets.

Nightmare trip destination? anywhere within a ten mile radius of Our House.

Videos/DVDs you have been in? Oh I don’t know. ‘What Ya Lookin’ at was probably my finest hour. Jacuzzi three. with regards to the video productions I’ve been involved in I’d say my resume reads like the end credits in Apocalypse Now. As far as I know only Owain Clegg and that man from the Halifax advert have managed to spread themselves so thin for so long.

Ideal spot? Have you heard that song called ‘Heaven is a half pipe’? that pretty much sums up my ideal spot and I’m sure i speak for many other people when i say this.

What ideally would you have to eat and drink at a BBQ? *See final question

Favorite Music (Bands, groups, solo whatever)? The 10 songs that Pika Rodriguez played on repeat continuously for 5 days straight on the MAOWAM ride to glory 2012

You have to murder one person and try and get away with it. How you going to do it? Interesting question Spreadbury. I’d probably mash them up and disguise them as Linda McCartney sausages, then I’d trick people into eating them at one of those trendy East London house parties.