Chengdu: An interview with Shaun Hadlington


You had to leave the trip early, even though you didn’t get hurt yourself you did the honorable thing for your mate. Did it feel bad to leave early or a like lucky escape?
I wouldn’t say say it was a lucky escape, the food and humidity was definitely difficult to get used to but I would have liked to see it through to the end. I kinda had no choice with going back with chicken as we live so close to each other!
How did this trip compare to last time we were in China in Shanghai?
To say both trips were in China they felt completely different, the spots were a lot more my style in Shanghai and plus they had the smp park which was always wicked! Also Shanghai has the BBQ spot!
Food was a little difficult on this trip. What did you make of it?
Yeh the food…… Basically you had the choice of spicy as fuck so you can’t taste anything but a painful burn! Or you had no spice but then the food had no taste at all. But I’ll never forget the first meal we had, to see everyone’s faces when the white slop in a bowl turned up. If I wasn’t crying from laughter I was crying in pain!
Having no pegs how did you get on with the street spots?
Well what could I do apart from get out the iPhone and take pictures and videos of grinds and the locals, both interestingly foreign to me!
Maybe a lot of people don’t know but you permanent injury to your arm, how does this affect you on trips like this?
Yeh the arm isn’t too bad these days, it probably helps that Ive stopped riding so much street in the last few years so it’s not getting a battering from dropping stairs. I just struggle with riding day after day for a few weeks so I just take it easy for a few days.
How does you liver enjoy all the beer on these trips?
Haha well as I don’t really drink when I’m at home I do struggle to keep up, I just enjoy seeing Tommy C and The Count get a bit loose and watch the trouble unfold!
You’ve been to China on Make trips twice now. Would you go again or is enough enough?
I wouldn’t say I’d never go again cus Shanghai was a wicked trip! But I’d certainly like to try some countries that speak English and serve normal food.
What did you make of the Chinese BMX scene?
It’s pretty incredible to see how many riders there are in the city and yet we go there for 2 weeks and find more spots than they show us! There interesting folk to say the least but then again I bet they think that about us when we stop to ride a curb! Haha
How did it feel to be followed round by 30 kids on riding sessions?
Yeh it was interesting to have so many spectators, I definitely would rather they weren’t following us like shadows but then that’s the whole reason we are there so I just get on with it and try to blank them out.
What did you make of the hostel?
I thought the hostel was pretty decent , it had your typical hostel heads that travel to amazing cities and don’t leave the hostel. But it had a good stoop for sitting off after a days riding and there was plenty going on out front. Plus they had euro toilets so it was a winner in my eyes!
Who made you laugh the most on the trip?
There was no one in particular but the combination of everyone together created quite an amusing atmosphere, it was my first time meeting Wozzy, Clarky and Shane and they’re all really sound guys! Clarky and Sandy were like a doubles comedy act 24/7. But the banter was top notch even tho I couldn’t join in some of the time cus I didn’t really no everyone that well! All in all tho it was an awesome crew!

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