Chengdu: An interview with Clarky


Food was a little difficult on this trip. What did you make of it?

It was the combination of the mind and arse melting MSG spice and the lack of food stops while we were out riding plus skipping key meals that turned me into a stroppy little prick! I’m not a fussy eater but I couldn’t survive on paprika crisps and ice lollies all day. I ‘lacked the minerals and vitamins, irons and niacin’. I wish I’d taken over some cup- a- soups or something similar to keep my stomach settled.

What did you make of the Chinese BMX scene?

I was well more into the electric moped scene, they were everywhere. If I lived there I’d be chipping about on one of them like everyone else.

How did it feel to be followed round by 30 kids on riding sessions?

Bit mental, I didn’t really know what was going on when that happened. Cameras whizzing around everywhere, go pros on sticks, in your face, down your shorts, every angle covered. People soon got bored of following us around when they realized we all ride rubbish stuff and couldn’t stop sweating.

Autosave-File vom d-lab2/3 der AgfaPhoto GmbH

Who made you laugh the most on the trip?

Stand out comedians were Wozzy, Sandy and Tommy C. We tried getting as many photos with locals as possible, proper English dickheads. Cookie made me laugh, everyone had their moments and Orlando’s sleep chatter kept me and Wozzy entertained for days. I had the same feeling as being on a naughty boys trip with school, endless pissing around and the odd telling off.

How do you balance riding and filming?

It was pretty much the same as at home but with more people and heat. I just tried to keep my eye out for what people were doing so they didn’t have to ask to film something and if I saw something I fancied doing Id just give the camera to Landi, Marv or Sandy. Helped having two cameras so If I just wanted to ride or couldn’t be arsed filming, someone else would do it.

What was the craziest moment of the trip for you?

There were a few, knife man shit me up! He was kicking off with us because we messed around in his crumby nightclub and ended up pulling a blade out on us swinging it around, I ended up slipping on my arse but we all escaped unscathed. The stand out moment was where I wigged out near that murky river from the lack of non spicy food, it was too hot and id only eaten a miserable croissant and I  felt weird from all the chilies curdling in my bland English stomach. I wandered off to get a drink while Chicken was doing that wall ride barspin on the video. I ended up in some peasant market that was full of dead chickens, ducks and eels on tables having the flies occasionally swatted off them by the shopkeeper. The smell fucked me up, I aint used to that shit and not one for flaky backpack dreadlock holiday hippy experiences where everything is beautiful. It was a greasy shithole that street, I had to have a sit down after going down there.

Would you go to China again or is enough enough?

Enough’s enough.

You did a great job on the video, are you happy with the way it turned out?

Yeah, first time I’ve done this shit for a ‘company’ and the only time I’ve had a set amount of footage to make something with. It was mint because I’ve known and rode with most of the crew before so it was easy. Orlando doesn’t give a fuck and left me to my own devices. I wouldn’t have done it otherwise or if it was for some lame ride to glory video, I aint in this to be a filmer or to daisychain riders or any corn ball shit like that.

The Chinese medical services leaves a lot to be desired, maybe you could explain your experience getting the ambulance to Chicken?

Chicken had his wing clipped and broke his collar bone pretty bad near the end of the trip. Its a pretty long story so I’ll keep it short. I basically ended up on the back of an old mans moped speeding off to a hospital miles away .The old guy was ace though, he just bounced into this hospital that looked like something from World War 1 and shouted at people to get an ambulance. I was the tallest one in the place, it was fucked inside. People running about everywhere. Everything was cash, you had to pay for an ambulance like a taxi. I ended up being gestured into the front seat of it and an ambulance driver came out with three nurses and shot off down the street. The old guy appeared on his moped and led the convoy, sirens blaring, I’m sat there like a knob eating a packet of crisps I’d brought with me before I got on the ped. It was a bit of a hectic blur to be honest. Map mind Cookie had made his way back to the hostel to get Chickens passport and insurance. Do people who don’t ride or skate have to deal with this sort of shit?

What do you think of China as a place in general?

It was a mad place, not as weird as I thought it would be but it was mental. They eat anything man, I thought it was a myth but nothing that breathes is safe over there.


One response to “Chengdu: An interview with Clarky

  1. ‘lacked the minerals and vitamins, irons and niacin’

    O.C Quotation haha Me n Cook were only talking about this track the other day!!!

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