Chengdu: An Interview with Chicken


Food was a little difficult on this trip. What did you make of it?

Yeah, it was hard work, even the BBQ spots were hard work! McDonald’s really helped though! One night we even had a pizza hut, now that’s living! I found I couldn’t eat enough to get full. Just felt hungry most of the time.

What did you make of the Chinese BMX scene?

They like to ride in the road on the flat!? At night! Weird… There’s a lot to ride but they really session the flat! Also looks like you have to have a lot of money out there to ride bmx. Everyone had brand new t shirts on every day! All those horrible come up t’s and that crap. Almost like they do it for the scene points not the enjoyment of riding?? Maybe I’m being harsh…

How did it feel to be followed round by 30 kids on riding sessions?

Its a pretty weird experience, it got to me a bit as I find it hard to ride in front of people anyway! It made riding some spots almost impossible because of the volume of people there.


Who made you laugh the most on the trip?

Wozzy, Clarky, Count, Cookie, Shank, C, everyone really. Not Loz though, he’s just not funny…

What was the craziest moment of the trip for you?

The craziest moment was standing in a Chinese hospital with a broken collar bone waiting for an xray. Proper madness.

Would you go to China again or is enough enough?

I’d go to China again as I had such a good trip when we went to Shanghai, that place was amazing! Loads of good food and spots! It’s just a place you’ve got to go at least once in your life. Sometimes it feels like you’ve slipped into the 4th dimension!


The Chinese medical services leave a lot to be desired. Maybe you could explain your experience?

Not a good experience. The Hospital was just a nightmare. There was no organization at all! Just a wooden school desk looking table where you book your self in. In the xray room when the door closed there was rusty water running down the walls and shit like that. Orlando helped me out a lot to be fair. If he wasn’t there I think I would have lost my mind. Also big thanks to David for sorting out the whole thing in the end.

What do you think of China as a place in general?

China is a big place you know and Ive only been twice and both trips were completely different.

You had to leave the trip early, did it feel like an escape?

Yeah i guess it did feel like a lucky escape, but a 12 hour flight with a knackered collar bone ain’t fun, but at least I got to eat some proper food that filled me up.

Are Make trips bad luck for you?

Nah, not really. I don’t really come off much at all but when I do it’s normally pretty bad. I’m not used to riding everyday for a week solid so I guess sometimes you just let things slip and accidents happen. Could it be the beers every night though?


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