Wozzy’s Guide to the women of Chengdu


How do you like Chinese Woman?

Most are good, all the females have stream line bodies in the far east, not much fat. I’m guessing from all the hard graft 21 hours a day at work. Some can be deceiving, you can be perving at a nice body from behind then the woman turns around and is about 50.

You have visited  2 cities now i China how do you rate the women in Chengdu compared to Shanghai?

Chengdu women have better faces, are prettier and dress quite well. Pint size pin up bods with an Asian lick of Szechuan spice. Shanghai girls were more plain Jane and the Tibetan women you see round just look a bit sketch Gypo style.

Chengdu is supposed to have the most beautiful women in China, does this bode well for the rest of the country?

What I saw was top shelf quality. I took more notice in Chengdu, I lost my sex drive in shanghai, a lots happening around you to think about and the smog pollution wrecked my head.

When you were in Japan some of the women were very interested in the size of your penis, have you ever encountered that kind of thing in China?

The girls seem more approachable and interested in westerners in Japan, or just curious about the westerners penis size. Maybe a woman saw me having a piss up a wall in China once, otherwise nothing close.

What do you make of Chinese female fashion?

Nice well fitting, good on the right colours, shoe, skirt, top/dress combo’s. I don’t no… Girls fashion isn’t something I’m clued up on 100%. A fit bird can pull anything off and visually it looks ace. I’ve always said “if she looks good in her work clothes she looks even better out of them”.

Autosave-File vom d-lab2/3 der AgfaPhoto GmbH

Whats the closest you got to getting off with a bird on the trip?

I put my arm round two girls for pictures and gave some Bruce Willis Die Hard rescue lifts. Might have got a smile once too getting off the plane home. I also touched a girls hand when she was giving me my change back in 7-11.

Would you ever frequent one of the Chinese massage parlors for a happy ending?

 I don’t know if I could be arsed hunting one down. China drains you from being able to do anything. Maybe if aloud it would have been nice one afternoon while it was humid and muggy but Orlando likes to get everyone rolling before noon and after riding i was happy just coching off, relaxing and chatting shit.

How do the women in China compared to English girls?

I think they are more make do, tough, get on with it bastards. They can walk perfect in high heels through low visibility smog, over gutters, pot holes, rubble, engine oil spillage, fish guts, where as English birds complain if the taxi don’t reach the curb before they take a step.

How many wanks did you have on the trip?

Zero. I had to keep a clear mind. China’s not the place for fantasist day dreamers. The plane was probs a bit more over weight going home though…

What do you think of the ex-pat girls in the euro style bars?

Boring lezbo bitch’s that think they’ve done it all cos they went to see the pandas.

What do you think of the Chinese girls in the euro style bars?

I didn’t see many. About two. I’m sure they were just hired to make the bar look good…


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