Chengdu: An Interview with Marv


An Interview with Marv

Food was a little difficult on this trip. What did you make of it?
Most meal times were difficult to negotiate. Egg Bitch was alright for a few mornings, until she put the prices up. BBQ Bitch was good, but we didn’t want to go there every night.
What did you make of the Chinese BMX scene?
Pretty new.
How did it feel to be followed around by 30 kids on riding sessions?
I found it quite off putting but then i didn’t want to tell them to fuck off.
Who made you laugh the most on the trip?
Probably Orlando or Clarky.
You were the self proclaimed Best Rider on the trip, do you think the video does this justice?
A lot of bob chat goes down over two weeks.
What was the craziest moment of the trip for you?
I was very impressed with Count hangering that rail on the first day. Something mental happened everyday with the general public though.
Would you go to China again or is enough enough?
I’d like to go again. Maybe somewhere with better food and slightly less humid. It felt like an endurance test, dealing with everything but getting to ride all these great spots. The spots were the reward for all the other shit.
You had to leave the trip early, did it feel like a lucky escape?
Kinda, yeah.
The Chinese medical services leave a lot to be desired, maybe you could explain the service you received?
It was like a pay as you go service with lots of injured/ill people everywhere. There was one guy wearing nothing but his y fronts and a colostomy bag smoking fags in the waiting room. Another guy burnt very badly in a bed waiting in the hall. And the ward was insanely busy.
What do you think of China as a place in general?
Similar to America but just from a different angle.

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