Wise words


A street jam was once, in my opinion the greatest form of DIY within riding. Over 100 riders taking over a major city, a big fuck off to city council, authority and corporate riding events. Great social gatherings that cost practically nothing. Proof that a great deal of money and corporate backing wasn’t needed to make something like that happen. Some grinds, a few beers and a catch up with some old mates. How can you sell something as pure and as honest as that? Who would even want to or has the right to?  Its absurd. It goes against the whole ethos and reasoning behind a street jam. An ethos that has been built from passion for what we do. Not through money or greed. People are losing sight of what is real. DIY street jams were about as real as it got. I remember when corporate companies wouldn’t go near riding. They were the best years. It was ours and no one could touch it. It was cool as fuck and only we knew it- Jim Newrick


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