UK Distribution


  1984 is an important year. Orwellian references aside, it is not only the year I was born but also the year Mason Smith started Custom Riders. That’s 29 years of dedication to BMX in the United Kingdom. For my entire lifetime he has been running a shop and for over 10 years a distro (Scoop). For that he has my utmost respect. Respect goes a long way in business as does a good personal relationship. Custom Riders was the shop I chose to order from when I was a teenager. Mason also gave our own team rider Chicken his first sponsorship deal on Volume through Scoop. The ties are deep and the respect is in place. With the Make going into its 10th year in 2014 I couldn’t be happier in having Scoop distribute our brand in our home nation. Long live the scene, long live BMX in the United Kingdom. – Orlando
  Some of you may already know that Scoop Distribution has been appointed the UK distributer for The Make.
  We love a rider owned brand here at Scoop and The Make is a fine example; with a passionate owner and passionate team riders who all have a big love for BMX. It’s not all about the money, it’s about having fun on a bike and seeing something that we’ve grown up with continue to thrive. The fact that they have their roots in the UK makes it even more special for us. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for The Make and Scoop as we hope to push it forward to new levels.
  The Make have a brand new range of frames arriving in to the UK next week and to celebrate the Count and Chicken’s signature frames being launched there’s a sweet joint edit to check out.
  Things don’t just happen. You have to make them happen. – Mason Smith Scoop Distribution.

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