Wen Qiang

We have a policy here of never hooking up anyone who we don’t in some way know. With that in mind it is always great when we can get a new member from a far away place. Traveling the world is what BMX is really all about and we as a group are lucky enough to spend a lot of time in off the map destinations. We were the first BMX collective to travel to China back in 2008. On that first trip we didn’t know any locals, but one day we met Wen Qiang along with local BMX celebrities Kane and Jason. Even from that first meeting we all acknowledged Wen Qiang had the finest contemporary street style we had ever seen in the “East”. A year later we were back and again this time staying with Kane, and Wen Qiang was riding street with us a couple of days before he returned to his home town of Chengdu. Fast forward a few years and our distributor in China Madbikes starts suggesting riders for us to hook up. We are resistant due to our policy of no riders we don’t know get in. But then Wen Qiang was suggested and we all knew it was a good fit! Is there a moral to this waffle? Probably not. But if there is any point to take from all this it is that we are always right. We go the places, we meet the people, and we become friends with riders all over the world while the nerds send emails and scour the online media for the next big thing out of California.

Wen Qiang welcome to the collective you lucky lucky guy!

Wen Qiang is working on a new edit for us. In the mean time familiarize yourself with a few bits of media he had lying around. Can you believe that the above video is from a street spot? China is some next level shit!


The language of shitty wallride out of blobs of fucked up pavement is universal!


One easy way to impress any BMX company. The street B in a Bally! Take heed kids this is how you get sponsored!


How do we manage to end up with Sketch man from all over? The Make is seriously like an international Sketch man magnet!


Night clip check, Gap check, solid tuck check. Wen Qiang is streeter than stinky Tofu


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