Bike Build

Ben Panting sent through this ‘how to build a bike’ from scratch vid using the new Croft frame he bought. The video is a time lapse of the basic build process, so if you are crap @ this kind of thing (Chicken) take a look.


2 responses to “Bike Build

  1. Benjamin Panting

    Just to let anyone know, the video only displays two 19mm spacers being inserted either side of the sleeve on the spindle.
    Since making the video, my cranks were extremely tight as two spacers didn’t space out the free area on the spindle quite enough, effectively squeezing the bearings (when cranks are tightened) stopping the bearings from rotating.
    If you are using a BSD bottom bracket like myself, or similar (most BB’s are the same nowadays, only the external spacers vary in width) then you will require 4 or 5 spacers to space your spindle/bearings/crank assembly to obtain a smooth rotationing (is that a word) crank.

  2. Benjamin Panting

    in fact, having watched it back, it displays me adding zero spacers other than the sleeve! Dont do that! I added the two in to begin with after filming had stopped..

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