Sponsor request from Russia Part 2

Received : 09/01/2012 15:42

Hello, my name is Maxim and I’m from Russia, but I’m not comunist. I’m riding on BMX very well. I like your team and I want to ride for your team. I have a cool profile. I want you to sponsorship me, becouse i like your style. Please take me to America. I hate my country, because it bullshit!
My grandfather was a tankdriver in WW2. He hate Adolf Hitler! He stop fashist busterds from the Moscow.
I playing Call of Duty: Postmodern Warfire 3
With love your Maxim Puchkov. My video:

Sent : 10:20

Hi Maxim

Thanks for the video and your interest in the Make. I am afraid I cannot take
you to America because we are English.

Take care

the Make


One response to “Sponsor request from Russia Part 2

  1. i like him

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